Brockton District SchoolsBrockton, MA

Middle and high schools in the Brockton District have had an engaging 2019-20 academic year, despite unexpected, challenging times. Students have continued to use MEFA Pathway, the Commonwealth’s free college and career planning platform, to prepare for the future by exploring colleges, searching for scholarships, learning about careers, and more.

Brockton High School, Edison Academy, Brockton Champion High School, and Frederick Douglas Academy have been avid users of MEFA Pathway for many years. The population for these Brockton public schools has exceeded well over 4,000 students collectively, and educators have successfully integrated MEFA Pathway’s resources and post-secondary planning guidance as part of their curriculum. Following the launch of MEFA Pathway’s middle school portal, the counselors at all 8 of the district’s middle schools have signed on as MEFA Pathway “affiliates.” This step will ensure that grade 6-8 students will have the opportunity to take advantage of the full MEFA Pathway experience for middle school students, and be able to build a foundation to support their post-secondary plans.  

Other exciting news is that Brockton Champion HS and Edison Academy participated in MEFA Pathway’s first year of Common Application integration as inaugural schools. Led by Andrew Papile, students at these schools were able to submit college applications directly within MEFA Pathway, and will continue to do so on through the 2020-21 season.

Additionally, Brockton High School was a winner of a $750 student scholarship in the category of most improved percentage in the third annual FAFSA Day Challenge. Brockton High School had an increase of 47% over 2019 of students who submitted a FAFSA, the main application for financial aid. This is an amazing accomplishment. The challenge encourages all Massachusetts schools and districts to support as many students as possible in completing the FAFSA, and Brockton HS certainly made an impact.

What an unbelievable year. Keep up momentum Brockton, we can’t wait to see what 2020-21 brings.