MEFA Pathway is off to a great start for the 2019-20 academic year. Eleven new schools have committed to using MEFA Pathway as their primary resource for career and college planning. Argosy Collegiate Charter School in Fall River, led by Holly Raposo, is eager to start using the platform with her students. New schools from the Chicopee District include Chicopee High School and Chicopee Comprehensive High School along with Bellamy and Dupont Middle Schools. Lead  Kara Blanchard of Chicopee Public Schools organized a staff training to bring everyone up to speed with the amazing tools MEFA Pathway has to offer. Additionally, the Brockton School district’s adoption of MEFA Pathway, led by Catherine Leger, now has students from all seven of their middle schools ready to start exploring the age-appropriate activities in the MEFA Pathway platform. We are excited to welcome these new affiliations and look forward to supporting their efforts in implementing MEFA Pathway into their curriculum.

Follow the lead of these schools. Learn more about what MEFA Pathway has to offer by watching our How it Works video. Reach out to Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun, MEFA Pathway’s Program Manager, to find out more about how you can get started using this free resource offered by MEFA