When you receive a request for a letter of recommendation from a student, you will get an email from with a link to the MEFA Pathway Teacher Portal.


 STEP 2 

Follow that link to log in to your existing MEFA Pathway Teacher Portal account or to create a new account. You will not do any work in the Common App. Here is the link to the MEFA Pathway Teacher Portal.

Step 2

 STEP 3 

Confirm your Teacher Profile information by clicking the blue chevron next to your name, and then My Profile. The data from your Profile will be used to pre-populate any Common App Teacher Evaluation Forms you fill out and submit.

Step 3

 STEP 4 

Your Application Tracking dashboard will show students who have requested letters of recommendation from you and the number of Common App, Parchment, and Postal Mail requests. 

Step 4

If an open circle appears in the Teacher Rec column, this indicates that a letter is needed. If the column is blank, this indicates a letter is not needed.

For Common App colleges, click on the open circle to launch the Teacher Evaluation Form. Complete the form and upload the PDF of your letter of recommendation.

For Parchment colleges, upload the PDF of your letter of recommendation.

For Postal Mail schools, you will need to mail your letter(s) directly to the college(s). Contact the student for college address information.

Note: Letters for Common App colleges need to be saved with a different file name than that for Parchment colleges.

 STEP 5 

Once you upload a letter of recommendation for a student, that document will be used for all colleges of that type for the academic year.

Step 5