SeaCoast High School

Congratulations to SeaCoast High School for their engagement with MEFA Pathway during the first semester of school year 2019-20.  SeaCoast High School is an alternative school located in Revere that provides a comprehensive curriculum and support for at-risk students. Offering a wide array of programs, including vocational and technical training, work-study, and preparation for college, SeaCoast High School is preparing students for post-secondary success. As one of our new affiliate schools, SeaCoast High School has embraced MEFA Pathway as their premier resource for college and career planning. At a recent student registration and utilization drive, students were excited to learn about the resources MEFA Pathway has to offer:

“I liked the workshop because MEFA Pathway helped me find what I might want to study once I go to college.”

“Wow! I can build a resume just by putting in my information.”

“This is a good way to organize and to stay on track.”

Currently, counselors, social workers, and interns are using MEFA Pathway collaboratively with students.  Moving forward, the goal will be to have all advisory teachers using the resources available in MEFA Pathway to help guide students towards their own unique paths and goals. Great start, SeaCoast High School—keep up the momentum!