Newly Updated: MEFA Pathway’s Counselor Portal

MEFA is delighted to announce the update of its MEFA Pathway portal for educators and counselors as an extension of our college and career planning services. MEFA Pathway is our online tool that helps students plan for the future. As students use the tools and resources in MEFA Pathway to prepare for college and career, counselors and educators can monitor their progress. Analyzing the interests and values of students over the course of time, educators can assess trends and offer guidance accordingly.  Reviewing students’ short and long-term career, academic, and personal goals and making certain that their strategies match up with those goals can help keep students’ trajectories intact. 

Posting Local Scholarships

MEFA Pathway has a newly launched feature in which schools can add local scholarships to the portal that are then searchable on the student side. When an educator is adding a local scholarship to the counselor portal, he or she can include the deadline, website link, award amount, renewable status, eligibility requirements, and contact information. Once the counselor adds this information and saves the scholarship as “active” it is viewable by students in that school. Educators can update the status of a local scholarship by editing whether it’s active or inactive per year.

MEFA Pathway Local Scholarships

Students can save both local and national scholarships they are interested in to their Scholarship List and thereby manage scholarship requirements and deadlines.

Viewing Reports

The dashboard of the counselor portal also now provides an overview of various metrics of a school’s population. Counselors can view reports showing utilization data by grade level, and can export these reports into Excel to manipulate further.  The counselor portal dashboard also has links to the local scholarships tool mentioned above, Edwin (a Massachusetts education platform) and the data upload page.

MEFA Pathway Reports

Landing Page Offerings

As a reminder, the counselor portal landing page offers an abundance of information. Check out our upcoming webinars, important dates, school spotlight, and MEFA’s most recent blogs.  You can even request a training or play our How it Works video to get a quick overview of the features of the MEFA Pathway student portal.

MEFA Pathway Counselor Landing Page

Does your school currently utilize MEFA Pathway? If not, are you interested in learning more about MEFA Pathway and what it offers?  Please contact Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun at for further information regarding this free-of-cost college and career planning platform brought to you by MEFA.