Let MEFA Pathway Help with the Scholarship Search

Searching for scholarships can be an overwhelming task for students.  I went back to college to earn a master’s degree in 2010, and I was intent on applying for all of the scholarships for which I was eligible. I searched online through various search engines, but the results were so extensive that I felt lost, became frustrated, and never applied for even one. I share this story when I work with students, and let them know this doesn’t have to be the case for them. There are scholarship search engines and tools that can help students keep scholarships organized and not get overwhelmed. You just have to know about them.

The Scholarship Search and Scholarship List tools in Massachusetts’ free college and career planning portal, MEFA Pathway, are valuable resources. Students can look for scholarships and keep track of opportunities far before the application process starts. The search tool enables students to search for national scholarships based upon criteria specific to the student, such as area of study, state of residence, personal affiliation, and type of award.

MP Scholarship Search Results

Each scholarship listing provides pertinent information such as requirements, eligibility, award amount, deadline, and contact information.

MP Scholarship Listing

Students have the ability to save as many scholarships as they would like to a Scholarship List, which provides a convenient place to record the status of each scholarship, award amount, and deadline.

MP Scholarship List

If you’re a student considering taking out a loan to cover the cost of college, MEFA Pathway’s Scholarship Search could lead you to scholarships that significantly lessen the amount of the loan you may need. You can use the tool again and again to research scholarships, and then save the ones to which you plan to apply to your Scholarship List. Apply for as many scholarships as you’re eligible to receive – the more you apply for, the more likely you’ll receive free money for college!

Want to get started? Register or log into MEFA Pathway and then look under the Pay for College tab to begin using these resourceful tools. You’ll also find plenty of other features at your fingertips. MEFA Pathway is your free, one-stop online platform designed to help you manage your educational and career plans. You can easily create an account and instantly gain access to valuable information and tools. Let your college planning journey begin.