Breaking News: Introducing MEFA Pathway for Middle School

MEFA is thrilled to announce the launch of its college and career planning portal for students in grades 6-8. MEFA Pathway is MEFA’s established and reputable college and career planning website to help high school students navigate the future. And it’s now available to every student in middle school, with new, engaging features created for the middle school audience.

Students can set up an account by going to and selecting, I am a Student and then Register Here. Students will enter personal information, including their year of graduation, which allows the system to connect the student to age-appropriate content. For example, a grade 7 student will view different suggested activities than that of a grade 11 student.

MEFA Pathway Dashboard

Students can use the Dashboard as an easily accessible place to view certain tasks and topics relevant to their planning for the future. As they complete different activities, they can earn virtual badges as a reward and to encourage use and progress. New games available for the middle school grades are fun, engaging, and intuitive while facilitating exploration and discovery in a number of areas:  

Students use the Profile to add their clubs, sports, honors, awards, extra-curricular activities, and community service to build a foundation for a resume. They will continue to build upon this over the years so when it’s needed for a college or job application, all of the pertinent information will already be recorded.

MEFA Pathway Profile

My Digital Portfolio is a visual representation of the student, as it documents the student’s journey through college and career planning. It’s a picture that can continually grow and change as students learn more about themselves, identify affinities, and grow their aptitudes and accomplishments. It helps to instill a sense of relevance early on that supports dreams and ambitions.

MEFA Pathway Digital Portfolio

Want to learn more about MEFA Pathway? Visit MEFA’s events page. Here you can sign up for webinars focused on the different features of the online tool. Each one offers a demonstration of MEFA Pathway and the opportunity to ask questions. And if you’re a school counselor, you can sign up for an in-person training to get your school familiar with the tool. To do so, contact Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun, MEFA Pathway’s Program Director, at